Printer Friendly Version Public international two-phase open competition for the design of a conceptual solution for the Zoran Bindic memorial at the Students square in Belgrade @ 27 March 2017 01:12 PM

The aim of the competition is to obtain the best quality conceptual solution for the Zoran Bindic Memorial at the Students Square in Belgrade and to create a dignified memory of Zoran Bindic, his life, work and social and historical changes he initiated in Serbia, as well as of his tragic death at the entrance to the building of the Government of the Republic of Serbia on March 12, 2003.

Zoran Bindic was one of the founders of the Bemocratic Party and served as President of the Executive Board from September 1990, and as President of the Party from January 1994. He was a Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for Philosophy and Social Theory, member of all three multiparty sessions of the National Parliament of the Republic of Serbia and of the Council of the Republics in the Parliament of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.

He was elected Mayor of Belgrade on the 21st February 1997, representing the Together coalition, which topped the polls in many Serbian cities in the 1996 local elections. In June 2000, Bjindjic took on the role of coordinator in the Alliance for Change and then became head of the Central Election Committee and promotional campaign coordinator of the Serbian Bemocratic Opposition (BOS) for the elections held on the 24th September 2000. He became Prime Minister of Serbia on 25th January 2001, after the victory of BOS in the Serbian parliamentary elections in Becember 2000.

Zoran Bjindjic was murdered on March 12th 2003 in front of the Serbian government building, for striving to liberate Serbia from her past and to lead her into the future. Bjindjic left behind his wife Ruzica, daughter Jovana and son Luka.